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I'm one of those people who bought into the govt narrative for far too long (7 months) & then I started thinking a lot more critically. I 100% own my mistakes and I have said publicly I was so wrong. I would also like to point out that never in a million years would I have gotten the vaccine if I had not been told repeatedly that that was the only way not to pass it on to my elderly mother. I'm furious & no longer trust that whaever vaccine flavour of the day is necessary.

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Thanks for writing this, Meghan. I think it's your most important piece yet. I say that because you were able to organize and clarify the many overlapping issues that obscure and prevent accountability vis-a-vis COVID. The response by the State and its allies to the virus was worse than the disease.

One item I want to add: discussion about the seemingly ubiquitous calls for "unity." I don't buy any of it. From the same people that imposed malevolent COVID policies for the past two years came calls for "unity," as they condemned and virtually excommunicated normal people who had very reasonable apprehensions. Calls for "unity" and appeals against "division" sound instead like demands for conformity to me, which make them dissonant with the principals of individual liberty, self-determination, and the rule of law. We're not supposed to seek a system where everyone agrees, repeatedly reinforcing the same beliefs and ideas. No. We're supposed to have a system that supports public order and safety while cultivating as many different viewpoints as possible. Now THAT would be true freedom and diversity, a melting pot indeed, not to mention a useful environment in which to expose tyranny.

I don't hope for unity. Factions will always organize themselves for political power; so be it. Rather, I hope for a system that can support fair community and governance where as many arguments as possible can be heard and considered (or dismissed). How useful that would have been in the early Spring of 2021.

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Amen to that! We KNOW that if things were reversed and THEIR side had somehow won, they would be giving us NO AMNESTY and NO QUARTER. Their calls for "amnesty" (literally, "forgetting") are a tacit admission of defeat and conditional surrender at best, and grade A gaslighting at worst. Fie upon them!

At the very least, they need to BEG for mercy before we can even consider forgiving them. First confession, then repentance, then penance, then absolution. In that order. And even then we must NEVER forget!

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Made a similar comment on Instagram but I think it's worth repeating. Is more division the right answer? Does that make anything better? Or does it start down the road to rounding people up?

I think a great example of moving on is the Rwandan Genocide. The Tutsi people had a choice to make after untold numbers had been violently slaughtered and raped and they still chose forgiveness.

So, by comparison, being called names doesn't seem like it should be as difficult to move on from. Just my two cents though.

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