If you support freedom, autonomy, and the health and well-being of both women and children, you should support women's right to choose.
Colin Wright was banned from PayPal and Etsy for standing for realityListen now (51 min) | On the podcast, I speak with founder of Reality's Last Stand, Colin Wright, who was banned from PayPal and Etsy on account of his…
Taylor Silverman on being a female skateboarder and standing up for fair competition in her sportListen now (40 min) | In this episode, I speak with Taylor Silverman, who went public with her concerns about competing against a self-identified…
Keri Smith on leaving the 'social justice cult'Listen now (79 min) | On The Same Drugs podcast I speak with Keri Smith, a self-described 'former SJW,' about why she left the left.
Feminists are crucified for leaving the left, but those who stay are avoiding hard truths.
Sarah Hepola on blackouts, binge drinking, alcoholism, and women Listen now (101 min) | I spoke with Sarah Hepola, author of "Blackout," about sex, drinking, feminism, and more!
Everyone thinks they're an outlier: Wokal Distance on conservatism, power, and the leftListen now (80 min) | I spoke with Wokal Distance of Twitter fame about the aims of the left, conservative values, and why the woke want to cancel Joe…
The impact of 'online hate speech' is overdramatized, and governments are using it to their advantage.
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